Anything For His Children

Intimate Moments #978
ISBN 0373079788
December 1999

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With three kids, no money, and the world's ugliest apartment, Guy Sanford sure wasn't looking for a fling. Or a nanny, even if he could have used one. So why was it, whenever he looked into Elizabeth Louden's cool, wary gaze, he felt as if he'd come home? After all, it was clear she wasn't the earth-mother, cookie-baking type. Either.


Anything For Her Marriage

Intimate Moments #1006
ISBN 0373270763
May 2000

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One New Year's Eve, two lonely souls share a cup of coffee. . .and more. And thanks to a defective diaphragm and some overachieving sperm, they make a baby. Nancy Shapiro certainly doesn't need to marry the twice-married-and-as-many-times-burned Rod Braden, who's made it more than clear that the two teenaged kids he already has are more than enough, thank you. But it's because of those two kids, for whom he feels compelled to set an example, that he eventually talks Nancy into this marriage-for-the-sake of the baby. . .having no idea his generous, loving, smart-mouthed bride is about to tear down his emotional walls brick by crumbling brick.


Everything But a Husband

Intimate Moments #1050
ISBN 0373271204
December 2000

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At thirty-five, widowed Galen Granata has led such a sheltered life -- first under the thumb of her overly-restrictive grandparents, then in an emotionally suffocating marriage -- that she can't even make a simple plane trip without becoming violently ill. The last thing she needs is become involved with another overly-protective man. . .even one as kind and gentle as Del Farentino, himself a widower with a deaf little girl with whom Galen immediately bonds.


Plain-Jane Princess

Intimate Moments #1096
ISBN 0373271662
August 2001

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A RITA Award Nominee and Waldenbooks Bestseller!

In a desperate attempt to gain a brief respite from her royal duties, plain-Jane Princess Sophie Elzbieta Vlastos of Carpathia transforms herself into Lisa Stone, Bimbo Extraordinaire, and escapes to Spruce Lake, Michigan (the setting for my first three Intimate Moments stories), where she finds herself filling in as a temporary housekeeper for five orphaned children. Except, the feelings the children's blue-collar guardian, Steven Koleski, stir deep inside the lonely princess's soul are anything but temporary. . .and completely hopeless, since the instant she reveals her true identity, her fairy tale will end -- and not happily ever after!

With five hurting children to take care of, not to mention trying to jumpstart a new career, the last thing Steve needs is some female mucking up his life. But the way this generous woman with the funny accent and even funnier clothes has wrapped herself around his wards' broken hearts -- not to mention his -- isn't something he can ignore. Yet how much sense does it make to fall in love with someone who admits she's not who she says she is. . .and who obviously doesn't trust him enough to tell him the truth?


Honky-Tonk Cinderella

Intimate Moments #1120
ISBN 0373271905
December 2001

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In HONKY-TONK CINDERELLA, the second installment in my How to Marry a Monarch mini-series, the death of an old friend leads to Prince Aleksander Vlastos's discovery of a son he never knew he had. . .and a reunion after more than a decade with Luanne Evans, the Texan barmaid who'd come perilously close to winnowing past the soul-weary prince's defenses. But Prince Alek now has a potentially devastating secret of his own, one he's determined to keep from the already-stressed -- and very pregnant -- Luanne, who, despite her determination to overcome her trailer-trash background, is far from comfortable living in an eighty room palace.

But the more time this unlikely pair spends in each other's company, the more they find themselves wondering if there's a chance of finishing what they'd barely begun that night in Sandy Springs, Texas so long ago, for not only their son's sake, but for theirs, as well. . .or is it too late for them to overcome the damage done by years of secrets and mistakes?


Honky-Tonk Cinderella

Intimate Moments #1195
ISBN 0373272650
December 2002

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"B+ . . .a wonderful, feel-good book. . .about a
realistic woman who finds
the love she has always yearned for. . .I loved this book."
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Mala Koleski's brother might have married a real-life princess, but her own luck in the Prince charming department was zilch. Then an old high school crush by name of Eddie King returns to her hometown of Spruce Lake, Michigan, oozing even more bad-boy Southern charm than he had twenty years before. . .and even more determination not to set down roots. As their long-put-off attraction finally comes to a boil, however, Mala wonders if having a fling is enough to salvage her sagging self-confidence. . .or whether she dare put her size 18 butt on the line for the obviously hurting man. And when Eddie finds himself living in Mala's upstairs apartment, can he turn his back on on a pair of kids whose father abandoned them as Eddie's did him, not to mention their got-more-love-than-she-knows-what-to-do-with mother. . .or will he finally face his own fears in order to do WHAT A MAN'S GOTTA DO?