Saving Dr. Ryan


Intimate Moments #1207
ISBN 0373272774
March 2003

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Widowed and penniless, Maddie Kincaid was driving through the tiny town of Haven, Oklahoma, her two small children in tow, when her third child decided to make an appearance. She managed to find the only doctor within miles -- Ryan Logan. The gentle, handsome M.D. assisted her delivery just fine, then made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Brooding loner -- and incurable workaholic -- Ryan had already seen one relationship go down the tubes, and he knew that home and hearth were not for him. No, his interest in -- and offer to put up -- the scrappy, courageous single mother was purely professional. He'd delivered her baby, after all. But could she heal his lonely heart?

— "Karen Templeton has masterfully created wonderfully complex characters in SAVING DR. RYAN, leaving readers waiting with bated breath for the next installment of The Men of Mayes County."
Romantic Times


Fathers and Other Strangers


Intimate Moments #1244
ISBN 0373273142
September 2003

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Widowed Jenna Stanton understood Hank Logan's fury at the discovery he had a thirteen-year-old daughter. . .but her flaky sister had refused to divulge his name. Now her sister is dead, and a name in a diary sends Jenna to tiny Haven, Oklahoma, to introduce her adored niece to the father that had been denied her. But can she trust this surly ex-cop to take care of her niece's fragile heart. . .not to mention her own?

After tragedy rocks his world, all Hank wants is to be left alone. But suddenly there's a kid -- his kid -- who needs him. . .and a woman whose loneliness mirrors his own. Is this more heartache waiting to happen. . .or the second chance at a family he'd thought had been ripped from him?

— "Karen Templeton's scarred characters find help and healing in each other, as readers discover a heartwarming romance."
Romantic Times


Staking His Claim


Intimate Moments #1267
ISBN 0373273371
January 2004

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Dawn Gardner had left tiny Haven, Oklahoma for the greener pastures of New York City years ago. . .but she'd left at least part of her heart back home, with Cal Logan, the only person who'd ever understood her, even when they were kids. Now, thanks to a little memento from their last visit, it looked as though Cal's and her lives were going to be tied together permanently.

Which was fine with Cal, who'd always known in his gut that he and Dawn were meant for each other. But before he could convince her that they had more than just their unborn baby in common, he had to help Dawn unravel a secret from her past.


Everybody's Hero


Intimate Moments #1328
ISBN 0373273983
November 2004

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When your father walks out on you, your mother and your developmentally challenged newborn sister when you’re still in high school, you don’t even question filling in the gap, you just do it. Fifteen years later, however, when Joe Salazar finds himself saddled with even more responsibility – in the form of his previously unknown, suddenly orphaned eight-year-old half brother – the strain of being EVERYBODY’S HERO is beginning to take its toll. Especially when Seth’s pretty, single daycare teacher, Taylor McIntyre – whose own family, in contrast, has no time for her at all – begins to make him question a life in which his only role seems to be taking care of everybody else. Are the generous redhead’s smiles a siren call to abdicate his responsibilities. . .or a promise of sanctuary he’s never before been able – or willing – to take before now?

4 1/2 STARS TOP PICK! — “. . .a heartwarming story. . .the sex scenes seem new and fresh, thanks to the author’s skill. . .”
Romantic Times


Swept Away


Intimate Moments #1357
ISBN 0373274270
April 2005

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Now available for Nook and Kindle

What woman in her right mind would get involved with an Oklahoma farmer with six kids? And for sure Carly Stewart, a former ballerina who’s just passing through Haven with her recently bereaved father, isn’t applying for the job! But something about the gentle, soft-spoken widower who seems to see straight through her bad-ass facade – not to mention his only daughter, a fifteen-year-old who is so not Daddy’s little girl anymore – gets to her. No matter, however, because Carly would rather stick a sharp stick in her eye than live in tiny Haven. Or mother all those kids. But when her strictly-by-the-rulebook father falls in love with the town’s resident hippie midwife. . .well, what’s a girl to do but to stick around to make sure Dad doesn’t end up with a broken heart?


A Husband's Watch


Special Edition #1470
ISBN 0373274777
March 2006

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Faith Andrews has always loved her husband Darryl, the easy-going, uncomplicated, auto mechanic with a huge heart and a devotion to his family to match. If their youthful passion has somewhat dulled around the edges, well, she supposed twelve years of marriage and five kids would do that to anybody. But when a tornado turns “normal” into a nightmare, she finds herself suddenly facing what-might-have-beens ignored for a dozen years. . .and the untenable choice between staying the course, or resurrecting the Faith she’d thought she’d willingly left behind to become a wife and mother.

At eighteen, Darryl might have been both overjoyed and scared spitless to discover he’d gotten the preacher’s daughter pregnant. But his never-wavering goal, during the intervening dozen years, was to never give Faith a reason to regret marrying him. . .a mission now seriously threatened by a double whammy of nature. All he wants is to get everything back to normal, to again see the look of love and worship in his wife’s eyes. But maybe it was gonna take more than a little tune-up to get this marriage back up and running. . .maybe it was time to start thinking in terms of completely rebuilding the engine. . .