Loose Screws


Red Dress Ink
ISBN 0373250193
August 2002

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Romantic Times Achievement
Award Nominee
for Best Chick Lit

The daughter of a pair of leftover seventies' Peaceniks, life-long Manhattanite Ginger Petrocelli has spent most of her thirty-one years in pursuit of a "normal" life, preferably one as unlike that of her now-widowed, still-activist mother as possible. And, between her steadily growing career as a chi-chi interior designer at a top Eastside Manhattan firm, as well as her imminent wedding to the son of a Republican congressman, it looks as though her goal is within her grasp.

Except then, in rapid succession, the groom goes missing (which really screws up her honeymoon plans); her Boss-from-Hell turns up dead (which really screws up her finances); and she loses her beloved sublet studio apartment (which forces her back into the Morningside Heights apartment her Jewish mother shares with Ginger's eighty-year-old Italian grandmother, and which basically screws up everything else). Oh, and then there's the reintroduction into her life of one Nick Wojowodski, NYPD, who handily relieved Ginger of her virginity at her cousin's wedding ten years before and who, it pains her to admit, she would probably allow the same privilege now. If she weren't of the decided opinion, just at the moment, that all men should be shot.

But, much like an earthquake survivor, our plucky little Ginger is determined to rebuild the her so-called life. . .only to discover, when the dust begins to settle, that the landmarks she's used to define who she thinks she is no longer exist. And the harder she tries to set things to rights, the more the ground underneath her feet shifts, forcing her to seek new footing in unexpected places. . .and in unexpected ways.

In the "chick lit" tradition of BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY and Marion Keyes's WATERMELON, LOOSE SCREWS is an irreverent, zany, poignant and sexy comedy about a singleton's rocky journey through the maze of self-discovery -- and romance -- during one sizzling New York City summer.



Loose Screws"...bustles with characters and surprises" —Publisher's Weekly

"An inventive and consistently surprising plot as well as a smart and likable heroine set this romance apart from the pack." —Booklist

— "Well-written, warm-hearted and funny. . .an example of Chick Lit at its best. . . .certainly passed my 'can't-put-down' test. . .LOOSE SCREWS is reminiscent of Jennifer Crusie's work, perhaps crossed with a bit of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum for good measure. From the perfect cover. . .to the novel's epilogue, there's barely a wrong note in the entire package." —Susan Scribner, The Romance Reader