All She Wants

Scarlet Publishing
ISBN 1854875469
December 1998

Look for it in your favorite used book store!

When her fledging acting career crashes and burns, Gwyn Roberts reluctantly returns to her grandfather's foundering New Hampshire inn to regroup. The last thing she expects, however, is to feel a pull toward the old place. . .and a certain Alec Wainwright, on whom she had a childhood crush a thousand years before. Her head knows nothing can come of her feelings, but her heart doesn't listen. Then Alec offers her a choice she never thought she'd have to make. . .

(Gotta let y'all in on something about this book: ASW was one of the last books Scarlet published before giving up the ghost, and apparently, little things like, oh, correcting mistakes weren't high on their list. Seven pages of galley corrections I made -- including things like an entire missing page, for crying out loud -- and not one single correction ever saw the light of day. So if you see some things that don't make sense, now you know who to blame. K.)